About us


In 1985 Frans Hooyberghs (Little Franske) builded a compact one family home.

A few years later, during a trip to Thailand he met a nice widow and one thing led to another…

Franske followed her and lives now in warmer places.

At the end of 2012 Maria and Karel bougth the house from Franske and reorganised it into a comfortable holiday home.

We  stayed as faithfully as possible to our ecological principles.

- In the garden we don't use chemical pesticides, we apply as much as possible the principles of permaculture.

- In the products we offer, we have taken into account as much as possible local production, fair trade, organically grown.

- During the redesign we used three main principles:

- avoid waste

- reuse

- recycle

You will notice that a lot of things started their second live at our place.